ic Handbag Project

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Step 1. Select your handbag

We love rummaging through charity shops to find a bargain. As it is rare to have to pay more than £10 (and less than £5 is the norm) you should easily find something suitable. If you do not live near a cluster of charity shops then of course eBay is always there to provide an endless supply.

This is a beauty. The leather should provide a great background to our coloured lights.

You may well completely ruin the bag you use for your first project, so it may be wise to go for something from the bargain bin.

a leather handbag we found in our local charity shop to use in the Electronic handbag project

Step 2. Place your LED lights.

We use ordinary black thread to hold the LEDs in place, not the more expensive conductive thread we use to make the connections. Ideally you want the LEDS to look good even when the lights are not shining brightly, after all you might want to use the bag in bright daylight as well.

IMPORTANT. The NeoPixel LEDs have to be connected so that the arrows on them all point along a single straight line (here it is from left to right, although you can't quite see it in this image. We explain more on this later so read ahead a little before starting your own first project.

Electronic Handbag early stage