ic Handbag Project

running a workshop? Then you will need ...

Workshop Checklists

project guide showcase starter kit coding & technical
We wrote this to try to minimise planning disasters on our part. If you are running a workshop it might be useful to you too.

Workshop 1 Checklist. Electronic Handbag Project - Basic Skills

For a workshop with up to 15 students
Trolley to carry all of the following:

15 x Kits for students:
Each kit contains:
- A Gemma (pre-programmed with starter pattern)
- Three NeoPixels
- Nine crocodile clips (3 x 3 colours ideally)
- Coin Cell Battery Holder
- Two coin cell batteries
- USB A to mini B cable (can be shared)

and, optional but useful:
- shared powered USB hubs (can provide power while testing)

and shared resources, not all working on this at one time:
- 10 on/off switches for Worksheet 4

Kit for sewing :

Only need kits for sewing if there is more than 1 hour available, though useful to take one to show in any case

- Conductive thread (can be shared)
Sewable snaps (three per person)
- Needles (one per person)
- Pincushions to safely house needles
- Scissors (one per four)
- Ordinary thread (one spool between four)
- Rectangles of material for sewing exercise

1. Connect NeoPixels with Gemma (pdf)
2. Change the Gemma code using Arduino software (pdf)
3. Sew NeoPixel LEDs and Gemma (pdf)
4. Gemma with one switch and a NeoPixel (pdf)
5. Hexadecimal Colours Information Sheet

Paper and pens for students to do activities on

8+ PCs/Laptops preconfigured to work with Gemma:
Ideally one per student. It is vitally important to test these in advance. We see lots of last minute installs that do not work! You can share between students at a max one PC per 2 students..

1. Gemmified Arduino code, drivers etc loaded already
2. The master code for Worksheets 2 and 4 on each PC
3. Projector (though not vital as can be done just using worksheets)
Slides on a USB stick
4. Power extension leads

Kits for sale
Needed in public workshops where some may wish to take a kit home.
Demo Material
1. Electronic Handbags and other complete projects, ready to show.

For person running workshop:
1. Map/postcode of venue, timings, contact numbers
2. Personal stuff (reading glasses etc)
3. Camera if appropriate to capture workshop
4. Proof of DBS check if required