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Electronic Handbag Project - Workshop Images

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The following images are from the Digimakers @Bristol event on 22nd March 2013.

We ran three "wearable technology" workshops of length 90 minutes each, with up to 15 members of the public at each. Many attendees came as family groups.

This picture shows two generations working together to complete a circuit with Adafruit Gema and three neoPixels. They have then changed the program using Arduino and uploaded their new code to change the colours and delays etc.

Next came the sewing exercise, see below.


Digimakers Bristol Wearable technology Image 1
Digimakers Bristol Wearable technology Image 2

This youngster is very proud to have completed the sewing part of the workshop, using conductive thread to fix three Adafruit NeoPixels (LEDs) onto one scrap of material and the Gemma microcontroller on another. They are then joined using sewable snaps.

This technique is used to make the Gemma moveable from one project (a belt with LEDs, for example, onto another, maybe an electronic handbag).

There are no obstacles now to making their own first project at home.

This family are approaching completion on the sewing task. They had already produced a very interesting light pattern and uploaded it to their Gemma.

If you want to see more about the workshop these pictures are based on just go to our main Workshop page and you will find free downloadable pdfs of the activities.

You can also go to the code pages and you will find the code we use in Arduino to then change and upload to the Gemma microcontrollers.

Digimakers Bristol Wearable technology Image 3
Digimakers Bristol Wearable technology Image 4

This shows two generations working together to apply nail hardener to the NeoPixel and Gemma connections.

That is a standard step to ensure that the slightly springy conductive thread does not come loose.

In the foreground is one of our demonstration electronic handbags. It uses the same 'detachable Gemma' concept that we base the sewing exercise on.

There was an element of healthy competition within some families attending.

Everybody worked together to complete the sewing challenge though.

Digimakers Bristol Wearable technology Image 5
Digimakers Bristol Wearable technology Image 6

More family participants learning how to work with Arduino and write code for Gemmas and NeoPixels together.

Lots of the participants purchased a Gemma, Neopixel kit at the end of the workshop to take home with them and continue onto their own project.

Thank you to all of the people at this event who gave us permission to take the photos recording their success.

We hope they all enjoyed the day as much as we did.

Digimakers Bristol Wearable technology Image 7

Digimakers Bristol Wearable technology Image 8

Thank you also to Adnan and Ben, Bristol University students who provided vital expert support throughout the day.

Also to Caroline Higgins, Outreach & Student Liaison Manager at Bristol Uni. who is one of the main organisers of the Digimakers event.

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