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An interesting way for learners to become familiar with working with Arduino using platforms like the SquareWear and NeoPixels (see picture to right).

Here are some images from a Digimakers workshop (March 2014) .

SquareWear plus three NeoPixels
Below are pdfs of the worksheets we use (as can you).
Worksheet 1 and Worksheet 2 and Worksheet 3 (+ extended work, Worksheet 4 )

Workshop 1. Electronic Handbag Project - Basic Skills

Duration: Short version 45 minutes. Full version 90 minutes.
( short version - Worksheets 1 and 2, i.e. croc clip circuits and coding;
full version - also Worksheet 3, learning how to sew Gemma and NeoPixels)
Summary: An introduction to wearable technology using the Adafruit Gemma miniature electronic platform and some NeoPixels (very bright and clever LED lights). The workshop lets you assemble a circuit using crocodile clips . You then learn how to write the code that allows you to change the brightness and colour of the LEDs, and how to upload it to the Gemma. This uses Arduino software. Where time permits we encourages you to move on to simple sewing with conductive thread, and you will be able to see how the light pattern you designed looks on an Electronic Handbag!
Suitability: Aged 10 and above, including adult learners. No prior experience is needed. . May also suit more experienced learners who would like an introduction to Gemma/Arduino etc.
Requirements: Students do not need to bring anything with them. Venues need only provide suitable places to work/demonstrate, and mains power. WiFi connection is not essential. We provide Windows laptops to support the coding aspects.
Adafruit Gemma with four NeoPixels

photo above shows the first Worksheet, connecting NeoPixels to Gemma

Group size: Maximum of 15 per trainer.